Music ‘n Play 
Zen Zone welcomes Joannas ‘n Bananas Music ‘n Play, a foundational music class for babies and toddlers and the grown-ups who love them, focused on fostering musical development, expression, and community. We will investigate a variety of percussive instruments, engage in musical story time, hide under parachutes, blow bubbles, dance like no one’s watching, jam it out and explore the fundamental elements of music.  Ages birth – 4 years

Socially Speaking 

All Socially Speaking Groups are led by experienced, professional Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and/or Special Education Teachers.

Socially Speaking guides participants – step-by-step – how to interact while having fun. Knowing when to listen and when to talk, when to get close and when to give space are important life skills. From greetings to taking turns, understanding emotions to expressing them, asking questions to answering them, and a multitude of skills in between, we use a variety of age-appropriate tools including interactive play, songs, stories, games and role-playing for developing social confidence.  Ages 3 and up.

Mindful Together
Mindfulness means being present and aware without judgment. Becoming mindful boosts attention, eases anxiety and improves communication. Mindful Together applies breath, yoga, guided imagery, and multisensory experiences in stillness and in motion to foster a connection to ourselves and those around us so we can enjoy more genuine authenticity in our daily lives. Let’s get grounded together!  Ages 3 and up.


Let’s help “bridge the gap” between summer and kindergarten!

Led by passionate, experience Teacher and Preschool Director, Melissa Wassil. Mindfulness along with sensory-motor skills will be incorporated into Melissa’s fun methods that strengthen reading, writing, and math skills in preparation for kindergarten.
Melissa will use her unique ability to meet your child where they are and guide them to the next steps in their development.  Ages 5 and up.

Executive Functioning Success

Parents and teachers may start identifying concerns in executive functioning in elementary school. These concerns may be evident in difficulty managing behaviors and emotions. More specifically, children may demonstrate issues with self-control, settling down, or they may become easily frustrated. Parents and teachers may also observe academic challenges, in which students have difficulty starting or completing tasks.
The executive functioning group with 9-11 year olds will focus on metacognition, goal setting, organizing time and materials, and self-monitoring. Students will develop an understanding of how they learn, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. They will create achievable goals and identify obstacles to achieving those goals. Students will learn how to organize their belongings, estimate the time to complete tasks, and learn how to prioritize their time. They will gain an understanding of how they focus in different situations and what their emotions are in different situations.
Each session will begin with a mindfulness practice and end with an opportunity for parents to learn about the strategies that were taught during that group lesson.  Ages 9-11.

Socially Speaking “Teen Talk”

Zen Zone recognizes the need for teenagers and young adults to be socially aware, appropriate, involved and connected with their peers. When teens have difficulty understanding and utilizing social rules, concepts, and all the fun social nuances of teen life, Teen Talk can help by providing a systematic approach in acquiring and mastering these skills. Teen Talk guides multiple aspects of social communication, non-verbal expression, and emotional regulation while keeping in mind the age-appropriateness of materials and activities.  Teen Talk is led by the experienced team of Casey and Christina.  Ages 12-14  &  Ages 15-17

Yoga Tots

When your child participates in Yoga Tots they will gain tools to navigate the world with kindness and curiosity, giving them a sense of personal power and self-awareness, in turn creating stronger and more confident young minds.
We use 5 basic elements:
Connect: Slow down the mind to increase awareness and experience life more completely. Helpful in social, academic, and emotional situations.
Breathe: To regulate emotions. Useful for any child but can be particularly beneficial for children with overactive minds as it gives them something to focus on besides their thoughts.
Move: Children NEED to move their bodies. Moving their body with intention, in a sequence of poses, allows them to focus and feel empowered.
Focus: Children are often told to “pay attention” but they may simply not know how to do that yet. This element teaches our children what focus is and how to achieve it.
Relax: Rest allows us as humans to be the best possible version of ourselves. This element gives our children the tools they need to relax their bodies so they can navigate day to day challenges to the best of their ability.  Ages 3-5

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