All ages welcome.

Zen Zone has two private 1-on-1 therapy rooms.

Through a multisensory approach, our licensed therapists treat the whole person, engaging clients in individually tailored activities to facilitate optimal, independent functioning.

Plus, we have the option to work in the gym space to practice achieving goals where there may be distractions (you know, like real life).

While goal sharing is built-in at Zen Zone, the following provides a sense of what each therapist covers…

Speech-Language Therapists (Pathologists) improve areas such as articulation, phonology, oral sensory motor, receptive-expressive language, pragmatics, play skills, voice, stuttering, and auditory processing.

Occupational Therapists work in several domains including sensory processing, feeding, behavior, social skills, visual motor integration, fine motor, visual-perceptual, sequencing, and cognition.

Physical Therapists focus on movement, core strength, gross motor, range of motion, endurance, static and dynamic postural balance, safety, and motor planning.

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