All ages welcome.

Zen Zone is a mindfully designed sensory space providing private OT, PT, and Speech therapies. 

Through a multisensory approach, our licensed therapists treat the whole person, engaging clients in individually tailored activities to facilitate optimal, independent functioning.

We offer unique built-in options for our fully licensed clinicians to work with your child in multiple settings:

~Small quiet one to one spaces to lay foundational skills

~Multi-zone to practice goal achievement with controlled distractions

~Our large shared gym space to facilitate carryover amidst the inevitable background noise of life.

While goal sharing is built-in at Zen Zone, the following provides a sense of what each therapist covers…

Occupational Therapists work in several domains including sensory processing, feeding, behavior, social skills, visual motor integration, fine motor, visual-perceptual, sequencing, and cognition.

Physical Therapists focus on movement, core strength, gross motor, range of motion, endurance, static and dynamic postural balance, safety, and motor planning.

Speech-Language Therapists (Pathologists) improve areas such as articulation, phonology, oral sensory motor, receptive-expressive language, pragmatics, play skills, voice, stuttering, and auditory processing.

OT, PT, Speech by appointment:

>Informal screenings

>Formal evaluations

>Ongoing therapy sessions

Call us at 914.737.ZONE(9663) or email to schedule a free phone consultation or to book any service.

Reach out to us by phone: 914.737.ZONE (9663)
or email:
to schedule a brief phone consultation to determine how we can best meet your needs.
We look forward to hearing from you.